“You learn the most from the mistakes you make!”

Raj Kumar, Founding President and Editor-in-Chief, Devex

In our first “Atlas Corps learns from” interview, Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-Chief of Devex, who leads a team of over 100 professionals serving a community of one million global development professionals, shares his lessons on finding talent and potential.

He learned the most from the mistakes he made and by having a great team around to advise him on talent. Better listening with humility, and putting himself in the applicants’ shoes were key lessons for finding great talent. He also has some excellent advice for young talented people and a few facts about himself, including his experience working in Ukraine during another crisis!

As part of our #AtlasCorps2025 strategy process, we want to learn from leaders across the globe on how they find talent and potential in young people and share their advice with us.

Watch the video below and share your own lessons in the comments!

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