“I thought, here’s somebody who is empathetic, who’s willing to share their emotional self and I knew immediately that I was going to hire her despite that not being what you’d look for in an interview. I just felt like the willingness she had to be honest and authentic really showed that I thought she would be talented… and she was amazing for many, many years on our team.”

Devin Hibbard, Founder and CEO, Street Business School

Founder and CEO, Devin Hibbard, started Street Business School with the intent of reaching out to one million women in poverty to help them start their own small business. Ten years later, Street Business School has expanded to 160+ NGO partners in 25 countries. When it comes to finding the right talent, Devin prioritizes the person over the role by finding the right person first and then figuring out a role for them. Most importantly, she looks for humility and the willingness to make human connection. In her interview, she describes how part of her hiring process is to take job candidates out into the community they serve to see how they’d interact with them.

Feel free to share below other ways that hiring managers and organization can start practicing a more human-centric appoach to their mission and hiring practices!