My love for technology started in my late teens. I was fascinated by the computer system and later found myself in a field that has challenged my creativity and re-defined principles of innovation. During my studies I would go on to explore the technical ideation processes, meet young enthusiastic minds and appreciate the global tech-landscape.

And then my old university roommate and I had an idea!!  

Why not start a program that offered technology literacy skills to kids and teens in our immediate community? It was a simple concept, two female ‘techies’ showing up for fun, interactive sessions with participating youngsters. was birthed with the intention of contributing to early child technology literacy especially for grassroots communities. Our programs are designed to expose learners to tools and resources that will not only enhance their logic and creative thinking but encourage them to become innovators of socially relevant technology solutions.

TCG curriculum explores ICT concepts in coding, computation, computer networking, ideation, design and encourages creation of socially relevant solutions. This has been an opportunity for future innovators to nurture skills in a co-creation space. Seven years later TCG foot prints can be found in both urban and rural Botswana. Partners, collaborators and volunteers continue to amplify the vision and the support has come from near and far. Support from Africa Code Week and #eSkills4Girls initiatives accelerated our outreach with resources that allowed us to reach more boys and girls. Our work encourages responsible digital citizenship and advocacy for digital outreach for all that is based on the SDG principle of ‘leaving-noone-behind’

In efforts to contribute to equitable access, TCG continues to advocate for increased participation for women and girls in ICT and STEM related fields. We hope for more women and girls to become e-content creators in this currently male dominated industry. I continue to watch emerging global trends and cutting-edge development with a keen eye with the intention of ultimately leveraging concepts for the SADC regional context.

The social entrepreneurship journey is not easy, it requires an Ubuntu approach that applies servant leadership approaches. I continue to learn to never despise small beginnings. That dreams are valid even amidst the thickest of doubts. I wait in calm anticipation of how the TCG story will unfold! As they always say, the best is yet to come!