During a series of Fellow-to-Fellow interviews, I talked about misconceptions about women engaging with technology.

I’ve always been good at STEM modules in school; especially math.  I loved numbers. I enjoy solving problems and finding unique and innovative ways of solving them using a practical approach including numbers and logic. I’m also curious about technology. I made it to being a tech professional naturally since Computer Science is about math, logic, tech and finding solutions that make our life easier.

Nowadays, we live in a tech based world, and still, there are A LOT of misconceptions about women in tech … We had more men than women In CS school, and same at work- I was always the only woman in tech; even here .. 

“There is a place in tech for all of us – both men and women from different backgrounds and with different experiences”. For me, it’s been as a QA engineer; then Software engineer; IT project Manager; Information System Analyst; and at some point in my career I became curious about the business/Data side of work so I switched to Business Analysis. For some of us it’s managing communities and projects. And for others, it’s writing the code that will define the future. 

“Being a woman in tech means that we never stop being curious. And most of all, for me, it means giving everyone a role in the story”

So if you love/are curious about tech, you should go for it !

My curiosity about tech brought me to the United-States. Thanks to Atlas Corps fellowship, I’m currently serving at BoodleAI; an IT startup that aims to connect nonprofits to the people who care about their causes using technology. You may ask how ? 

Well We use our customer’s data, enrich it with our own data then use AI/machine learning to create predictive models that bring meaningful insights to the customer. 

Learn about my amazing journey in this full interview: https://youtu.be/0ZqJzUN36j4 

Follow your dreams and do what you love. Always.