It is the time to end my fellowship.

Although it has been shorter than other people, it was just an insight to talk with people.

Every single person I have met an talked from the fellowship, it gave me such a great insight. You never know how much privileges you are enjoying surround you.

As hearing others’ stories, it really helped me think how grateful my life is.
I have never put enough effort to enjoy the rights I have.

For example, the freedom of speech, movement and expression, I can enjoy them anytime anywhere I want in my country.

Universal health care? Yeah. we have it.
Education? Elementary school to high school, you don’t really pay much unless you go to private. mostly it is covered by the government.

Have I ever worried about walking on the street being harassed by men?
Have I ever worried about gays and lesbians being killed by the opponents?
Have I ever felt scared by my government control or power?
Have I ever felt mistreated because I am an Asian in my country? No, I am the majority.

Everything I received is such a blessing.

Many fellows friends told me I need to be grateful to what I have in my country.

Yes. It is time to return the blessings to the vulnerable people who have not received their rights. I need to pay back my blessings to them.

I am ready for the next adventure!




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