Yes ! I’ve always wanted to know the secrets behind everything created. I love everything from the sky, the outer space, the stars, the moons, the planets, the solar systems, the galaxies, to the smallest sub-particle of an atom. I believe there is a Universe inside an atom, as large as there is surrounding us, or even perhaps a Multiverse. Since I was a child, I believed the Bermuda Triangle was the location where the Gold Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn (Alexander) sunk under the sea, and that is what created the magnetic field there, and even perhaps the gog and magog were trapped in there, but then again, it could be a wormhole or a hidden portal, from one location inside the Bermuda triangle, to another location right around it somewhere, or there could be many small weaker wormholes or hidden portals, leading to different locations on earth, and you never know, one could even be opening somewhere else on the other side of this Universe, or into another Universe.  (Well, that was just what I believed or imagined as a child)

My belief in wormholes (Mairaaj) grew stronger after I read about them in the Holy Quran.

The Prophet Mohammad PBUH was taken on a “Mairaaj” (Wormhole) to the heavens where he met other Prophets and saw many things, in the year 621 A.D on the 27th day of the month Rajab (Lunar Calendar). He was riding a heavenly steed called “Burraq” that the angel Gabriel brought for him. The Prophet PBUH said, “The animal’s step (was so wide that it) reached the furthest point within the reach of the animal’s sight.” The angel Gabriel and Michael were at the right and left side of Burraq. “Israa” is his journey from Makka to Jerusalem on the same night, before going on a “Miraaj” to the heavens. Oh and did I mention he returned to earth the same night? The Quran says, [17:1] “Holy is He Who carried His servant by night from the Holy Mosque (in Makka) to the farther Mosque (in Jerusalem) – whose surroundings We have blessed – that We might show him some of Our signs. Indeed He alone is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.”. Here is another translation of the same verse, “Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” If you’re looking for logic behind how the Prophet PBUH travelled from one city to another and then to the heavens and back all in one night, then you should ask a scientist to explain to you how wormholes work. You’ll probably need a scientist from the distant future to explain to you some details about what the angels washed the prophet’s chest with, and what for, to help with the journey. An ordinary human without all those rituals performed to clean the chest for I don’t know what, may probably get burned from the friction at those speeds. If only I can find a hidden portal or a wormhole to help me travel distances to learn more. He, who created this Multiverse, knows better about it, than we do. I’m also thinking if Miraaj is a wormhole, and describes his journey from the earth to the heavens, then Israa, his journey from one city to another, and then another, since he was stopped to offer prayers at different locations, could be something else defined by science, perhaps as a “hidden portal”? The Quran says, [53:7] “And he (Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him]) was on the uppermost horizon (of the realm of creation during the Ascension Night i.e., on the apex of the created cosmos).”, and [53:8,9, 10] “Then He (the Lord of Honor) drew closer (to His Beloved Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him]) and then drew even closer. Then a distance measuring only two bow-lengths was left (between Allah Unveiled and His Esteemed Beloved), or even less than that (in extreme nearness). So (on that station of nearness) He (Allah) revealed to His (Beloved) servant whatever He revealed.” The Quran also says, [84:16-19] “I swear by the afterglow of sunset… You will ride one layer from another layer. (of the superimposed heavens or universes)”, which gives us hope and reassures us that we too will be able to travel from one layer of the Multiverse to another, and we are already traveling through the atmosphere and all of it’s layers into the outerspace and to the moon.

The Quran says, that the angels travel to earth through these wormholes, called “Mairaaj” in Arabic, and they travel a distance of 50,000 years in one day, when passing through the wormholes. The speed of an angel mentioned in the Quran is normally 1000 years in one day, when not passing through the wormholes. That is all so fascinating.

Our worldly matters are too insignificant compared to the endless creation that the Creator has created and is out there for us to explore. He Himself asks us in His Holy Book, to explore what He has created and to think about how and why it was created. The Quran says, [29:20] “Say: Travel through the earth and see how Allah originated creation; so will Allah produce the second creation (of the Afterlife): for Allah has power over all things.”

From the vast skies to the smallest of creation and how it comes into being, all is so fascinating. According to the Quran, there are four embryological stages. The Quran says, [23:14] “…We made the drop into an Alaqah (leech-like structure), and then We changed the Alaqah into a Mudghah (chewed-like substance), then We changed the Mudghah into Idhaam (bones, skeleton), then We clothed the Idhaam with Lahm (flesh, muscles), then We caused him to grow and come into being as another creation.”

It takes an individual as bright as a scientist to understand all those signs in the Quran. Little was known about the classification and stages of human embryos until the twentieth century. Professor Keith Moore one of the world’s prominent scientists in the fields of anatomy and embryology and the author of the book entitled the “Developing Human”, during the Seventh Medical Conference in Dammam, in 1981 said; “It has been a great pleasure for me to help clarify statements in the Quran about human development. It is clear to me that these statements must have come to Muhammad from God, because almost all of this knowledge was not discovered until many centuries later.”

The Quran says, [16:8] “…and He creates other things beyond your knowledge…”

The Quran says, [51:7] “And the heaven that has weaves (Hubuk in Arabic).”

The Quran says, [2:164] “In the creation of the Heavens and the Earth; In the alternation of the night and the day; In the sailing of the ships through the seas with what benefits mankind; In the water which Allah sent down from the Heavens and brought with it life to Earth after being dead and gave life in it to every kind of land animal; And in directing the winds; And in the clouds that are enslaved between the Heavens and the Earth; [All these] are Signs for a people who comprehend.”

People who comprehend, people who understand, people of understanding, so we see how important it is to understand the life around us.

The Quran says, [67:3] “[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks?”

The Quran says, [55:19-20] “He has made the two seas meet, between them a barrier that they don’t transgress.” About the seas that flow side by side and do not mix, because their densities are different. Water’s Salinity controls its density. The saltier the water, the denser it becomes. Density drives the currents that move heat around the planet.  The currents of denser water carry heat to higher altitudes and moderate the climate. A NASA sensor called Aquarius keeps a track of the oceans’ salinity from space. Consider a view of the boundary between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Oh and the magnetic bubbles at the end of the Solar System protect us from the Cosmic Rays, as discovered by the NASA Voyager Probes that were launched into space in 1977, and are still in good health and traveling through the heliosphere. The heliosphere is the immense magnetic bubble containing our solar system, solar wind, and the entire solar magnetic field. It extends well beyond the orbit of Pluto. The Quran says, [21:32] “And We have made the heavens as a canopy well guarded: yet do they turn away from the Signs which these things (point to)!”, and [86:11] “[I swear] by the sky that returns.” God swears by the sky that reflects, or returns. and [86:12] “And [by] the earth which cracks open,”.

Oh and almost forgot to mention the Miracle of splitting of the moon into two. Those who are into science would know that only one side of the moon always faces the earth, and that side is much different from the one facing away. While scientists at NASA believe the Earth at one point in time had two moons, and then they both merged forming one moon, and that is their explanation for why both sides are different; I think the different sides probably have something to do with the splitting of the moon for some time, and then it coming back together to be one. The earth did not have two moons, but when the moon split into two, that is when we may have had two moons, and then they collided back and as NASA says, the collision was at a very low velocity, so the impact did not form a crater. By the time this is revealed, I don’t know if I will be alive, but I sure do hope science speeds it all up.

So much to understand in such little time.

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