This blog is dedicated entirely to the female audience. I wish some women I’ve met in my life could’ve understood that, in order to fight for their own rights, they first have to be a hundred percent responsible for their duties. Lately I went out for dinner with a woman, a very interesting one. She is a declared feminist and of course, we mostly talked about feminism and women rights over the dinner. Her ideas and ambitions were crystal clear and I loved the way she was thinking. Then it was suddenly (and literally) 00:00 o’clock and Cinderella lost her glow. First, she openly pretended the dinner should be on me, because I WAS THE MAN there and than she wanted me to take her home, because I WAS THE MAN and she was a woman. And of course, she wanted me to carry a huge bag she had with her that day, because, again, I WAS THE MAN. Now, I did not mind and I never do mind doing all the above listed respect to a woman, but if you are fighting against gender discrimination, you cannot then, when it fits you, embrace the same gender protocol you have cursed so many times. I think that women should fight in both asking their rights, but also in fulfilling their duties.

As far as we’re talking about women rights, lets bring again into the attention some of the more well known prejudices that in my country, Albania, as well as (I am sure about this) in other countries, women still face. They still are judged for the way they dress, for who they date with, for not being married when the society expect them to create a family and have children, they still are judged when they have a successful career etc. In this spot by my colleague, journalist Eriona Rusi, politicians, artists, non profits leaders, athletes, journalists etc. say their word out loud to fight women stigma and taboos…

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