I’ve always believed that people have a purpose bigger than themselves, in this life. Yes, from the person living in a homeless situation to the wealthiest in the world. As I am writing this post, I remember some words I read a couple days ago:

“Purpose and calling are a revelation…it takes time”.


I completely agree. Life has an exact synchrony that, if we pay attention to it, brings us to the places we are meant to be, and with the people we are supposed to meet, at the perfect time; neither sooner nor later. That being said, What if we could give a little hand to life? Partner up with it in the fascinating journey of self-discovery, and move people towards the finish line.

Whatever answer you thought about, is my answer to the definition of “Women Empowerment”. For centuries, we have been conditioned to obey, be submissive, pay attention, hold a family together, stay pure, and be heterosexual; among other endless crazy expectations, just because of the sex that was assigned to us at birth. Today, February 2018, I am not having it, anymore.

I want women to find who they truly want to become in this life. I want them to get out of that cardboard box they’ve been put into; and see how wide the horizon of possibilities for them is. Empowerment works beyond making a project, and going to a community to implement it. It means –to my eyes- to move people forward to their full best beings, to show them there’s a destiny ahead, and that THEY DESERVE TO LIVE IT. Why women? Because I want us to join in a sisterhood that holds each other up, and enhances us to strive for MORE. More life, more money, more love, more equality, more jobs, more inclusion… simply, MORE SEATS AT THE TABLE. I empower women because I do not want people to tell us, you can be here; I want people to say, I care about you being here, and I want to know your perspective on things.

Me? I push women forward to their “revelation”. I want them to hear their true purpose whispering “You can do it, if you only give yourself a chance”. No matter who you are, where you come from, as long as you feel woman enough to fight for a bigger shot for your own self.


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