Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is a surreal experience in itself, 1.6 km of the magical journey. This engineering marvel took 14years in construction, which not only costed $15 Million but also lives of more than 40 construction workers. Brooklyn Bridge is a reflection of human genius and it paved the path for further development of suspension bridges globally.

This bridge was designed by John Roebling, the history of it is well documented, however, what is the rather unknown is the role of Emily Roebling in this construction of this majestic structure. John Roebling died in 1969 in an unfortunate incident before the construction of the bridge was started. The construction was led by his son Washington Roebling, who soon was bedridden because of decompression sickness. This was the point when the project of building this bridge was about to stall. However, Emily Roebling, who was the wife of Washington, stepped up and took charge of the construction, it was because of her untiring struggle and leadership skills that we can walk on this bridge and admire its elegant architecture.

This dream of John Roebling was never possible without the crucial role of his daughter in law, Emily Roebling. It is sad to see how historians have not completely captured her role in their writings about the bridge.

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