It’s been already 4 months now since I came here in United States.  Although I had a chance to come to U.S. as a personal trip six years ago, I become to know that living in abroad is totally different from traveling.  One of the biggest challenges is dealing with coins.  Besides unfamiliar to me, coins have their own nick names which do not give you any tips to help you to grab the value.  Whenever I went shopping, I just paid them by bills rather than coins in order to finish checkout quickly since I felt people behind me were staring at me.  I had tried to prepare exact amount beforehand, but it was hard, as price went up plus sales tax.

As times went by, my wallet has been dominated by coins.  I was not able to close my wallet which was above obesity level.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I took out all the coins from my wallet and gathered others were scattered around my house.  I thought they would be huge amounts, but they were not.  More than 80% were pennies.  Therefore, I picked up all pennies from others separately.  With several quarters, I found that I could have a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop “Cafein”!   I knew the exact price of black coffee.  I was all set to head for coffee shop.

With proud, I ordered.  As always, black coffee was the quickest menu from the coffee shop.  In five seconds, I got a cup of coffee in my left hand, and I gave my proud coins by right hand with loud voice of “Thank you!”  However, my cute coffee barista said “we don’t accept pennies”.  Oh, no.  I was desperate.  I wanted to say “Hey!  Penny is money too!”  But, even vending machines in my workplace didn’t accept pennies, either.  I felt it was a “mission impossible” to use pennies.


I googled “how to use pennies”.  I found that I was not the only one to use pennies.  There were lots of tips to use pennies.  I am sharing some interesting tips with you here.

83 Things you can do with a penny

7 New ways uses for a penny

I will try to do all the tips as many as I can.  Please let me know if you have any fun ideas!!





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