During my one-year fellowship at IBM in New York, I found it comforting to document the special moments I am having to continuously remind me of the purpose and the mission of being here. I kept them in front of me all day, first thing I see when I wake up and last thing I see before I sleep.  This was a great way to cherish each and every moment

This wall has many of my Firsts:

  • First time to NYC and to ALL of its attractions
  • First time to take a train and to Grand Central
  • First time to meet my favorite Singer
  • First time to the UN premises, the only Palestinian in the UN General Assembly President’s Youth Dialogue
  • First time to a Broadway show (Actually I went to two so far)
  • First time to meet a prince and a princess
  • First time to meet a female CEO!
  • First time to be in a huge global corporate
  • First time to MIT, Harvard, Las Vegas, Chicago
  • First time to be of the minority (Arab Muslim, yet inclusion was amazing)
  • and many many other first times.

These are my firsts what are yours?!


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