At the last Sunday of October, I got a chance to volunteer at Karma kitchen with my housemate Itena. It was a rainy and cold day but we were determined that we will do volunteering because we signed up for it.  We reached the Himalayan restaurant at 11:00 AM and were greeted by Krishna and his crew members.

Karma Kitchen was first started in March 2007 in Berkeley, California, by an Indian-born person named Nipun Mehta, and over ten years it has been expanded to many cities and even countries. It is a type of restaurant where you get a 0 $ bill, but you can pay for the coming guests in your love for generosity. The Karma kitchen people call it “Pay it forward concept”.

It’s a chain which goes on and on and which links people and aspires them to pay for one another. The food offered at Karma kitchen is Nepali vegetarian food and you get as much as you can. The food is cooked with love and served with generosity.

I enjoyed my time volunteering at the kitchen and I encourage other atlas corps fellows to volunteer too and enjoy Nepali daal (lentils), chawal (rice), palak  (spinach), naan (bread) and many more ? ?

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