Is Valentine’s Day for teenagers to make LOVE?’ or ‘Must a day be singled out to celebrate LOVE?’ – these are the questions asked every year this event comes up, by the majority of those who see atrocities being committed by Valentine’s Day’s Celebrants. Majority of people spend so lavishly on buying gifts for their girl/boyfriend, while vast majority of married Men sneaked out to shower their sugar girls with GIFTS their WIFE has never received from them. The situation has now degenerated to the extent that married women are seen doing the same for their service boys while primary schools’ pupils are not left out in the act.

It is interesting to know that February 13 is an International Condom Day which its main purpose is to save and also improve lifestyle and the confidence level of affect persons (according to: www.condomday2016.com). Consequent upon the known fact of unprotected sexual activities that dominates the activities of Valentine’s Day, hence, the International Condom Day is marked same day. This enables WHO and other AIDS combating organizations to distribute CONDOM for FREE to the sexually active populations.

Religiously, Valentine’s Day has no historical reference in the Bible, Qur’an and other religious books. Majority of churches have incorporated special services into their church programs to mark Valentine’s Day. They arguably use it as a medium to tell their congregation about the importance of LOVE. They encourage families’ love and brotherhood. Despite their beautiful purpose of doing such, majority of church-goers still find themselves involving in either fornication, adultery, or both combined – which Bible sternly warns Christians against. As it is a known fact that some churches would have lined up several programs to commemorate this year’s valentine, it would be advisable to be contented with whatever your activity your church does.

In Islam, Valentine’s Day is spreading like harmattan fire especially among the ‘Islamic Muscians’, new generational Alfas and ‘wake-up’ Muslim Societies. It is being marked by these categories of Muslims as against Islamic belief of eschewing whatever action or activity that is not written in the Qur’an and/or reported in Hadiths (sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) and in another words termed DISLIKE (Makrooh) or FORBIDDEN (Harram). Succinctly, Valentine’s Day celebration is completely FORBIDDEN for the real Muslims throughout the world – according to majority of Islamic Scholars. Their reasons include, but not limited to: the fact that it has no significance in Islam; it was never celebrated by the Prophet (SAW); it was an innovation in religion matter (Bid’ah); it promotes unlawful sexual relations (Zina); the Prophet (SAW) enjoined Muslims to show love every time by giving and accepting GIFTS etc. With this, if we see a Muslim celebrating Valentine, it is either s/he belongs to the categories mentioned above or a non-muslim in Muslim look – according to an Islamic Scholar.

In the opinion of ISERH, we really wish to caution all the young men and women out there, to do away with whatever that can KILL their DREAMS or HARM their FUTURE. We enjoin every responsible parent to place a watch on their children throughout today. There should be no single/friend-caucus outing for Valentine’s Day, especially for our teenager, because:

  1. Millions of innocent virgin girls and boys shall surely lose their PRIDE to the celebration of Valentine.
  2. Thousands of our young girls shall end up being pregnant, few months after this day.
  3. Hundreds of such young girls shall end up becoming Single Mothers…
  4. Scores shall try unsafe abortion and end up losing their lives or womb.
  5. Statistics of out-of-school youths becomes increased
  6. Poverty rate rises
  7. Single parenthood multiplies


Join us in protecting Girl Child and even Boy Child…

Their today’s decision determines the tomorrow of our Nation!!!


Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem, ISERH Exc. Director, Atlas Corps Fellow

info@iserh.org,   abdulahi.abdulraheem@atlascorps.org,    aabayomi@generationon.org

www.facebook.com/iserhnigeria,    www.facebook.com/youthaffairscenter,    www.facebook.com/npowerassessmenthelpline

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