#YLAIEmpowers Women

When women lead, we all succeed.



The YLAI Network is starting an initiative to raise awareness about challenges women face in becoming leaders in business and in their communities. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring strategies and resources to help support women taking on leadership roles, discussing what both men and women can do to show their support, and sharing stories from individuals who have overcome some of these challenges.

Together, we hope to help create more leadership opportunities for women and to remove barriers to women and girls taking on leadership roles.

Remember: when women lead, we all succeed.

We invite you to join the #YLAIEmpowers effort and the members of the YLAI Network to work together to empower women and girls.

There are many ways to participate:


  • Share the #YLAIEmpowers announcement on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons below.
  • Read the latest ylai.state.gov content, including blogs and videos, about issues related to women’s empowerment.
  • Show how you’ll take action to support women as leaders! Fill out the #YLAIEmpowers pledge form below to receive a personalized graphic by email to share on social media. Share using the hashtag #YLAIEmpowers and encourage your friends, family, and networks to join and share as well!
  • Participate in upcoming online interactive programs and Facebook chats. Join the YLAI Network to learn about upcoming events!


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