Just wanted to share a few things stuck in my thought bubble after the May Global Leadership Lab. One of my personal GLL highlights was the phrase said by one of the key speakers that effective leaders always remain calm.

I could not agree more. Just think about it. Why effective leaders do not get angry? They simply cannot afford it because they have to be conscious of the people that stand behind them and their interests.
They say “Yes and” instead of “Yes but”. They offer their opinion letting other people decide who is right without openly contradicting.

Effective leaders are not offensive but they also not easily guided or bullied into apologizing. When faced with criticism true leaders remain firm, serene and diplomatic. They find the way to negotiate. They block criticism with their firm stand and pivot into the collaborative space of problem solving.

They remain calm both inside and out in all aspects of their life. Yes, effective leaders are charismatic. That does not mean, though, that when they speak they fill the room with the crowd rising crescendo. Powerful leader sometimes speak very quietly but their spirit shines through and stands out.

Effective leaders truly believe in what they do. That is another reason why they stay calm. Even in case of emergency, this embedded sense of doing the right thing gives them a compass – a way out. When you are calm, it is easier to hear other people. Since efficient leaders surround themselves with people, who are smarter than they are collaborative bright minds create the right solutions. And we all know that the world needs more of those…

The lesson is…Stay calm and lead the way!

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