Teamwork is an essential skill in nowadays professional word. It is a way of working in which people interact within groups to achieve a common goal within a specific timeline. Mastering this skill does not need a lot of effort or focus, you just need to know how to discipline yourself and in the same time how to interact with others in the most efficient way.

A fundamental requirement for teamwork is a good organization:

When you build a team that you organize and supervise in the rules of art, you maximize the chances of brilliantly achieving your goal.

On the other hand, when you work on your own, you just miss a great opportunity to use a variety of skills, know-how, and minimize your chances of success.

Tips to improve your team work skills:

  1. Listen: Other team members will not necessarily have the same point of view as you. Listen to them and be open-minded, even if you do not always agree. Being open minded does not also mean to approve on everything. However, jump on and express your constrictive feedback and explain why you see things differently.
  2. Be on the same page: Foster unity, stimulate your other team member! For example, think of circulating the information for your colleagues and put them in the famous “loop”. Be proactive in order to facilitate their work by resolving their constraints, make their lives easier. You have a question to ask, a remark to make? Prefer one-to-one communication to the systematic e-mail? Voice your thoughts! Finally, do not forget the little things that always please: bring in pastries for breakfast or invite colleagues to have a coffee after work. This will help to avoid misunderstanding and relieve tensions.
  3. Trust others: Establish a climate of mutual trust within your team. Rely on the skills, talents and potential of each of your teammate. Show them that you believe in them! In this way, they will feel empowered and ready to work hard to achieve their goals.

Listen to your colleagues, promote good communication between them and create opportunities to meet outside of work. The more members of your team know each other, the easier it will be for them to work together. Trust, respect and recognition are strong values that can motivate your team effectively.

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