When I was an exchange student in Ohio back in High School I had a great time during the football season. I had no idea what they were doing in that field but the energy felt great: all the students and many relatives supporting our Watkins team. Some people might disagree but I always thought football was a violent and a slow sport – see, they keep stopping the game every few minutes and it makes me a little frustrate.

After more than a decade and with some “locals” teaching me I am enjoying it a little bit more. I was looking forward for the Super Bowl but very, VERY concerned about all the commercials people here love to talk about. I imagined all of them involving sexist ideas, boobs and butts. But it wasn’t AS bad as I expected – I am not saying there were no boobs, butts and guys+cars=YouAreSoHot!.

I really appreciate 3 commercials and would like to share that in case you didn’t see it:

Always #LikeAgirl commercial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIxA3o84syY). I had seen before and really liked: boys and girls were asked what does it mean to do something like a girl and the answers were amazing. It showed how societies are the ones who delimit the gender characteristics and what is considered masculine and feminine, and how they unrealistic they are.

Dodge 100 years (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpRvMT9aUb0). Perhaps because one of my Grandmother is 98 years old this commercial made me very emotional. It was a beautiful commercial showing few people around 100 years old sharing what they have learned in their lives.

But the best in my opinion was the “No More” Campaign (http://nomore.org/no-more-official-super-bowl-ad/) addressing domestic violence and sexual assault, which was based in a real case where a women call 911 trying to order a pizza. NFL has been dealing pretty badly by not punishing players who were accused of beating their partners and having one few seconds piece on the issue it is not going to solve the problem but definitely gave more visibility to the discussion.






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