The world we are living in is a huge aggregate of different individuals. Each one of us has distinctive qualities determined by gender, race, nationality and age. As social being, we, however, cannot help but having a relationship with individuals or groups anyhow.

What connects differences and unites us to one is a ‘Story’. We understand others when we hear the stories that someone tell us. Listening how they have grown up and what they value most, we can create emotional bond and therefore build a relationship. With that said, story is a driving force that helps each individuals or groups get connected and formulates collective actions.

Storytelling is not just a technique or a skill for fancy talks, but a sincere communication process that presents your own inner-side feelings, values and emotion. Thus, storytelling must be based upon one’s real experience and able to represent one’s core value. We cannot make a story from information that you find from books or internet made by others.

Every non-profit organization (NPO) pursues sacred mission and diverse social impacts are generated in doing so. NPO that helps people in need and brings positive impact to society is surrounded by materials for storytelling more than any other organization. Therefore, storytelling is an effective communication strategy particularly for players in social sector like NPO. We can draw more consensus and resonance from people if abundant stories that NPO produced are combined with sophisticated storytelling method.

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