How many times have you stood out when you travel outside of your country? I have always been to that foreigner journey whenever I traveled outside of my country either in Asia or Europe. Living in one of the Asian country outside of my home, I had so much to experience as a foreigner. Whereas living in DC has never make me feel like I stand out in the crowd. The diversity of people, culture and language has never made any difference in how you are accepted in the USA.

On my third day in DC, a lady in the subway asked me about the address. I didn’t want to be the one who cannot help. I somehow managed to direct her to her address with my limited knowledge of metro and my exploration of the metro app. That was the time, I felt like I do not stand out and I need to be prepare to be the one among all as well.

About the language, I was inferior that I can’t be as good as the native English speaker. That inferiority too vanished when meeting people who cannot talk in English at all and they are running a good business in the USA. The usual expectation when travelling alone that you need to explain about your culture too many times doing various things also disappeared for good as all of us has individual space. You are not judged for where you come from.

So standing out can only apply in the job, how well you perform, how good you are at work and how fast you can learn new things and adapt new things. Standing out can also apply on how good you are in exploring opportunities, grabbing them and completing it in the good standing.

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