It is hard to find people who have jobs of their passion, competence and skills. We believe employees who are competent, innovative or possess visionary leadership are inevitable propelled to the top, but in reality favouring, recruiting and promoting family member, relatives, friends or any close one is widely practised in all around the world. Whether developed or underdeveloped country, large or small organisation/companies, rich or poor communities and even in politics you can smell nepotism almost in every society.

I know it’s hard to talk about in organisations or in front of the employer, but I really feel sorry for those who are hired through nepotism and took over the position of a competent person, will never become successful in a position which they are never qualified. Knowing the aftermath of nepotism, employer overlooked and perceived favouritism which not only causes dissatisfaction and distrust, but it also increases the workload for other staff. However, when employees start feeling that even performing their duties and responsibilities with honestly, proficiently and enthusiastically their path of promotion is undermined by nepotism, they opt for the flight mode by ending up employment and start seeking other avenues where their talent, skills and competency would be better recognised and rewarded.

Currently, in Pakistan nepotism is at the peak and widespread, you can hardly find any organisation, company or sector free from it. Even in ruling ministry, more than 20 family members are appointed in government and higher posts, without having the competency to confront the challenges of designated positions.

No one has an absolute monopoly over competency, so it when the day will come when despite of selecting, recruiting or electing people instead of their race, color, gender, ethnic group, religion will be chosen upon their merit and competence, who can do equal justice to the position and capable of confront its challenges.

Unfortunately, there is still no black and white policies adopted by any organisation or at the state level, that’s why nepotism brought country at verge of disaster. Considering the current status and level of nepotism in the country there is utmost need of Anti-Nepotism policies at state as well as organisation level.

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