Sometimes life gets so busy and overwhelming. Sometimes you cannot control it or make any decision. Sometimes you feel lost and not sure about the choices that you have. Thus, it is very important to take a moment and care about yourself.

Self-care activities vary according to what you like such as listening to relaxing music, massage, getting a manicure or pedicure, running, writing letters, reading books, sewing, making Origami, cleaning your bedroom, or even just laying down and staring at the ceiling. All these activities help you to recharge and go back to your normal life with full energy.

With the new year coming, you need to set down with yourself and evaluate the last year and set new goals for the next one. So, I am going to share with you an activity that I like to do when I want to escape from noisy life and think about my next steps. I meditate and clear my head and my body of all negative energy. To do this activity, I recommend to play this music: and to light some scented candles.

“Imagine that your special place is at the end of a path that leads to a pond. The grass is under your feet, the pond is about 30 yards away and mountains are in the distant. You can feel the coolness of the air in this shady spot. The birds are singing. The sun is bright on the pond. The flowers’ sweet smells attract the bees buzzing over them.


Try taping this exercise and playing it, or have a friend read it to you slowly.

To go to your safe and special place, lie down, be totally comfortable. Close your eyes…Walk slowly to a quiet place in your mind…Your place can be inside or outside….It needs to be peaceful and safe…Picture yourself unloading your anxieties, your worries…Notice the view in the distance….What do you see?…What do you smell?…What do you hear?…Notice what is before you…Reach out and touch it…How does it feel?…Smell it…Hear it…Make the temperature comfortable…Be safe here…Look around for a special spot, a private spot…Find the path to this place…Feel the ground with your feet…Look above you…What do you see?…Hear?…Smell?…Walk down this path until you can enter your own quiet, comfortable, safe place.

You have arrived at your special place…What is under your feet?…How does it feel?…Take several steps…What do you see above you?…What do you hear?…Do you hear something else?…Reach out and touch something…What is its texture?…

Sit or lie in your special place…Notice its smells, sounds, sights…This is your place and nothing can harm you here…If danger is here, expel it…Spend a few minutes realizing you are relaxed, safe and comfortable.

Memorize this place’s smells, tastes, sights, sounds…You can come back and relax here whenever you want…Leave by the same path or entrance…Notice the ground, touch things near you…Look far away and appreciate the view…Remind yourself this special place you created can be entered whenever you wish. Say an affirmation such as, “I can relax here,” or “This is my safe and special place. I can come here whenever I wish.”


Now open your eyes and spend a few seconds appreciating your relaxation.”

Try to make this activity with a group or with a friend and you will feel a great difference afterward. I hope you a life full of peace and positive energy.