I have wanted to go to nature to feel fresh since I came to DC.

Fortunately, the satellite fellows in SF invited me to the city!
I flew about 6 hours and 1 hour plus. (DC-LA, LA-SF)

Although the flight was quite long, I was very excited to see the friends there.

I’ve actually visited there before about 10 years ago, so I did not really have much excitement to see the city.

I just wanted to walk near the beach and chat with friends. That was it.

Once I arrived SF, my fellow friends prepare awesome meal and it was really impressing!

The next day, I went to Golden Gate Bridge and the beach near there with my fellow friends.

I felt so different than being there 10 years ago. There is a saying that in a different age stage, movies, books, etc give different impression. I think travelling is also the same.

I was very happy to see the gate, plus the Detroit satellite fellow friend came on the same date with me, so it was mini reunion of our class.

We walked along the beach and stayed little while. It was really fresh to me and I felt released from the stress.

ChinaTown- Bruce Lee

Pier 39, Sea lions

The Highlight- Golden Gate Bridge

Palace of Fine Art

Here, we reunited! Class 26

Golden Gate Bridge

Friends made this wonderful welcoming dinner

the amazing welcoming dinner

I am so grateful to have this great experience with the amazing fellow friends in San Francisco. Moreover, I was able to have Korean BBQ there.

On my last day, I met my old friend from South Korea and I could not believe that we actually got to meet in person! I could not attend her wedding because I was in Southeast Asia. However, I’ve got to meet her and catch up with our missed years!

It was fun and memorable time!

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