Respect means accepting people as they are. I believe in being respectful in all ways of life. I grew up in very large and extended family with a lot of us living in same area. In this situation we have to respect each other and therefore I learned how to be respectful.
Worldwide many different people have variant beliefs, some are religious and others not while others may believe in something that does not make any sense in your life but you have respect their beliefs. With respect no one can kill or humiliate others but peace will be in abundance and all people will think about humanitarianism. As I am currently working in humanitarian field, in the HIV and AIDS Unit, I always try to maintain this idea of respect in my work and life. In this job with Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, I also work with people from different countries and with different beliefs. I have to incorporate my personal beliefs and understand others. Through providing and sharing my own experience and knowledge that I was working in Darfur (hot area) and how we using the international policy to protect people from risky sexual behavior that could lead to sexual transmitted infections. I must do my job with a lot of respect and be very confidential so as to protect them.
Most of problems around the worlds are caused by no respect for each other which leads to some people killed, others going missing and others in prisons for their differences in opinion. We need to be respectful in our lives, for our children, our families and our community and among all generations so as to build peace and love around the world.

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