The scope and depth and the expansion of terrorism can only understandably thrive on a strong financial, technical and network resource backing. Who are the financiers and brains behind these massacres? What systems do they use to carry out financial disbursements and such operational excellence that continually seem to elude the sophistication and shrewdness of all the huge intelligence and security agencies around the world? Or is it the case that for some reason our leaders simply want terror to be around for the dividends they rip thereof in power, wealth and influence in the world? It is illogical to take a simplistic view of this phenomenon and focalize resource on the task force who maybe mere employees and the vehicle through which this quest of power players is accomplished. It is important we chart a pathway towards a long term solution to curb the rigors of terror, an approach that is devoid of egocentrism, judgement, hatred and evisceration.

Why not dialogue instead of going under the impression that some way somewhat we will be able to identify all radicalized persons and extinct them to end radicalism and its upshots? As much as hatred is innate so is peace and the desire to have it in each of us. We should focus on activating the good and positive in people to achieve our ends. Can we reach out to our friends on the other side and jaw-jaw instead of war-war? At least that way, we know we have explored the option of brokering peace and and starting the process of reconciliation through dialogue. Discarding any reasonable potentially available option without giving it a trial is completely wrong. Voltaire made it clear; “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”. The strategy and action must be swift, realistic, reliable and goal oriented, and it is due now, maybe overdue. The more time it takes us in quandary as to how to deal with this quagmire, more lives are being wiped and terrorist groups are gaining more grounds.

To be continued…

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