downloadBrand is anything, which can separate one thing from another-it can be name, sound, reputation, tone, symbol, design or picture etc.  similarly, individual often consider branding or brand in the context of companies, and businesses.  However, as an individual we all are identical brand possessing unique qualities, style, skills and set of characteristics that help us to attain a personal brand and subsequent career growth. It is a process of optimizing and  managing your style of presenting yourself to others around you, which is called connecting with your audience.

Your individual efforts for branding yourself is very vital in the alignment of your personal brand and prospective growth. We all needed to lend out that identical skills, style and set of characteristics to sell, however, clear idea of what we are selling and to whom we are selling, does make the difference towards uniqueness in the branding or image building .

Social media has altered the course of history for branding your personal brand. Before this, resume was the sole tool to help individual in branding, sustainability and growth. But the technological development and social media outburst has changed the course and potential to brand oneself within a shorter span of time by reaching the major chunk of audience by building personal brand.  Though, it is the most effective tool in the mankind  history  but its demerits cannot be ignored, it can be a double edged sword, if not used effectively and properly in the process of selling one’s skills while competing against the thousands individuals and vast demographics. Eventually, it can make or break one’s  brand image.

Social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and other dozens of social, and professional media tools are very essential towards individual brand building and career growth, which may help the inspiring individuals to tap with potential opportunities and target audiences by building the unique brand, which cannot be easily ignored.  Therefore,  your every activity on social media-tweets, Facebook status and picture sharing does counts towards building your personal brand.  It is continuous and consistent process to strengthen and protect your brand because you are always competing other brands (individual/job-seekers) for the limited opportunities.  In short, we all are the  founder and CEO of “Me Inc.” and branding or image building of that incorporation is the lifeblood to succeed and distinguish ourselves against others.  

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