There are two artistes who live in the same neighborhood, one has zero music competence or skill, but is constantly on tour, often features on TV and radio, and constantly shoves the half-baked music down our throats with every slight opportunity.

However on the other side of town lives another artiste who would rather just identify as an individual rather than an artiste, but who possesses great musical dexterity, competence, and ability. However, the only audience entertained is the silence of the room, while reeling out note after note after of great music daily, which sadly no one ever gets to hear.

What separates these two individuals, even though they are on two different levels of expertise and ability? The answer is “Permission”

The first individual is fully aware that he or she has little or no ability, but has given his or herself permission to break beyond the limits, while the other despite being skilled, hasn’t fully mentally granted his or herself permission of being fit to be heard.

I was recently given a task by an organization to write an article on a topic I had limited experience in, but which I have always wanted to develop capacity in. After reading the mail, I was almost at the point of replying that I won’t be able to do as requested, as I felt that I had limited knowledge regarding the subject matter.

At that instant, I then remembered the words “Permission” The organization knew clearly that I had little direct experience in the subject matter, and was even why they granted me a spot on their very limited, and highly sought after 6-weeks intensive course, in order for me to learn skills and gain expertise in that field. The main reason they told me to write however, was to give myself “Permission”

Permission for what you might ask? Permission to begin to start seeing myself as a thought leader in that particular field. Permission to see myself as being competent enough to lead intelligent discourse on the subject matter. Permission to to see myself contribute effectively in discussions focusing on that specific field both locally and globally. Permission to be an expert, and permission to craft my narrative as well as story.

I then sat down afterwards, took out my laptop and rather than bring up excuses on why I won’t be able to do what was requested, I sent a reply saying that the write-up would be ready within the time-frame given.

I had given myself the permission to do the needful, cos no one was going to do that for me.

Sometimes, it is not what we don’t know that limits us. It is what we already know, but haven’t began to fully make good use of, and haven’t given ourselves permission for.

What’s holding you back?

Give yourself permission to passionately pursue your purpose today…!ey1obz7i2fw-lacey-raper

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