Before coming to New York, two amazing people in my circle showed me the map of New York city and tried to familiarize me with the famous areas in New York. They told me that subway system of New York is one of the best public transport system in World. I appreciate Kevin Crew and Aliyya for this courtesy. I also heard before coming that New York city never sleeps. I am in New York since last three weeks and writing this blog before it is month to be here.

I used Uber on arrival to New York city as I was carrying two luggage bags. Second day I bought 30-Days Unlimited Metro card and started my journey with Subway. I would endorse, ‘this is one of the best transport system”. How it is best? Let me share my reason to call it best! Any discontinuity or maintenance on one route will not create stop you to reach on desired location. You can always use alternative route. MTA always keep you informed about change route, any maintenance or cancellation.

Furthermore, why city never sleeps…You can go anywhere anytime using Subway. For most of the routes, service is 24-hours.

This table is best to decide which option you want to avail.

How Often Do You Ride? Get the Best Value

If you ride the subway or local bus
Fewer than 13 rides per week or 47 rides per month
Choose this option
$5.50 ($5.78 value, 5% bonus added when you buy or add $5.50 or more to your MetroCard)
Your cost per ride
$2.62 (effective fare with 5% bonus)
13 rides per week
15 rides per week
20 rides per week
7-Day Unlimited $32.00 $2.46
47 rides per month
60 rides per month
75 rides per month
30-Day Unlimited $121.00 $2.57
If you ride the express bus
Fewer than 10 rides per week
Pay-Per-Ride $6.50 ($6.83 value) $6.19 (effective fare with 5% bonus)
10 rides per week Express Bus Plus 7-Day $59.50 $5.95


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