Editorial Note: The following message was written and endorsed by some of the 60+ Atlas Corps Fellows and Scholars from Russia. Atlas Corps shares this message as a note to our global Community. Atlas Corps appreciates our Fellows and Scholars in Ukraine, Russia, and throughout the world. As an organization, we maintain our commitment to building community across borders and promoting positive social impact by strengthening global leaders.


On behalf of the Atlas Corps Fellows and Scholars from Russia, we share this message with our global community and send special outreach to our Community in Ukraine.

Dear Atlas Corps Community,

We are your fellow Fellows and Scholars from Russia. Our hearts beat together with the people of Ukraine. Together, we clearly state that we are against this war. We are deeply ashamed of it and call for the end of the attack on Ukraine! We hope that Kyiv and other regions throughout Ukraine will feel free and safe.

We want to live in peace. We want to build projects that will make our countries and our world a better place.

Atlas Corps Community in Ukraine, please know that we support you. We love you. We stand together with you.

Stay strong and know we are with you-

Atlas Corps Fellows and Scholars from Russia

UPDATE: We had to remove Atlas Corps Alumni signatures from the post as according to a new law Russian citizens could be imprisoned for up to 3 years for public messages calling to stop the war.