I don’t watch television, but I’ve been following the news about the popular Arab show “The Voice” on social media. It’s simply an Arab version of the shows “X Factor” and, well, “The Voice”.

There has been a lot of talent scouting shows over the last decade, but few Sudanese contestants ever participate or make it to the top. Only one guy comes to mind, his name is Khalid Al Masri and I actually attended a great gig for him in Khartoum over the winter.

The buzz about the Voice has been about Nile – a fairly well established Sudanese musician based in Dubai. I’ve attended two of his gigs before – in Khartoum and in Cairo and he was REALLY good. Nile got the Sudanese inside and outside Sudan very excited as he serenaded the crowd and impressed the judges. He’s also been a source of pride and distraction from the plethora of bad news coming out of Sudan on a regular basis. His accomplishment is teetering on being an issue of national pride – especially for youth who broadcast whatsapp messages encouraging others to vote.

I hope his success encourages a lot more talented Sudanese to come forward in the region and internationally.

Check him out on Soundcloud, or follow his news on Facebook.

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