The recently ended Nexus Global Summit 2018 and I was left feeling a whirlwind of learning and reflection on the impact of our work on the world currently.

  1. Climate change is very real

Some of the panels discussed the very real threats that climate change is presenting today. More than that, there are many organizations and individuals who are discussing the ways in which we need to change the way we think and operate. This includes considering the way we process meat and how that has a huge impact on our carbon footprint.

2. Making a difference is everyone’s responsibility

On the first day of the conference at the United Nations, we had speakers like HRH Princess Eugenie of York sharing their stories of impact and other compelling speakers, however I was also most moved by the young people who spoke with courage and passion about their efforts in changing the world. Afolabi and Skylar shared their stories showing that there is hope in the future generations to ensure the sustainability of this planet and the human race.

3. Our voices and platforms must be inclusive

The conference reflected on a variety of topics and issues and it was exciting and thrilling to have fellow Atlas Corps Fellows contributing, being part of the team that put this conference together. I was grateful for the opportunity to be present in deliberations and discussions around social impact. However, whilst this is the case, I kept thinking about all those who could not attend. Those who do not have the same opportunities as myself. I was pondering on those who probably make a huge impact in their local communities but do not have the opportunity to attend, speak or showcase their work on platforms such as these. I realized these platforms are always an opportunity to showcase not only our impact stories but speak on behalf of the communities that are not able to represent themselves. There were panels that discussed the need to represent the rights of indigenous people and while this is progress in the right direction, we ought to work tirelessly to give all people a platform and recognize that we have a privilege to do so.


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