We went to NY from DC by bus only for 20$ I think, it was 4 hrz¬†drive. My friend Alena and I stayed in Manhatten / Chinatown which we loved the neighborhood but not our hotel ūüėõ










On our first night, we had to go to the famous Square then went for a cup of hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts b/c it was freezing outside.









As you can see from the pictures my friends and I were very traditional tourists we had to live all the  NYer Stereotypes and famous attractions.


















I think I could say the Central Park was my favorite place in NY.  you get to see a lot of people, shows, nature, and breath some fresh air.









We have been also to Metropolitan Museum of Art, its a great museum my only one advice to you is to go to it as early as possible so you get to spend enough time at it exploring, we spent 3 hrz just on the ground floor, then we had to jump to the 2nd floor to check some artwork before they close.











That tour was funny or museum, it was full of heritages¬†that Americans have stolen or taken from other countries, there is more Egyptian heritage here than Cairo museum itself!! Can you believe that!! and Romanian heritage¬†as well as French, Iraqi, Palestinian…etc

How Funny America Couldn’t wait for 1000 years to have her own Heritage, so they thought of collecting some from each country and have their citizens¬†come and pay $25 to see their countries heritage in NY!! LOL

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