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It is a form of Indian ancient Astrology. In Nadi, astrology sages used their spiritual powers to store records of the complete life cycle of an individual. These predictions were recorded for each person. These are for the improvement of the society and to look after rectitude. With this information, these sages forecasted the distinctiveness, family account, over and above the professions of countless individuals. This data was available in a number of volumes. In every volume, there are approximately a hundred predictions. These volumes were known as Palm leaf Manuscripts. This astrology is now practiced in Tamil Nadu, India.

These documents of Nadi prophecy recordings were safely preserved for many years by a number of generations of rulers. After an auction during the English rule in India, it, at last, became the possession of a dominant family of Valluvar society at Vaitheeswarankoil in the Tanjore region of Tamil Nadu.

The sages, who read out those Nadis, were exceptional with such an extraordinary prudence that they precisely predicted the whole prospect of all mankind. A lot of researchers in diverse parts of India have in their protection quite a few granthas. At first, Nadi Astrology forecast was considered to be just script on Astrology, but rapidly it grew to be obvious that the scriptures controlled a little only one of its kind prophecy of exact natives, who will come looking for them, at a particular phase of their lifespan, as presaged by the Great Saint in these calculations.

Nadi Astrology is an exceptional work which makes us become conscious about the confines of human sciences. That immense collection predicting the prospect of all individuals born or hitherto to be born casts a shadow on the accomplishments of all other sciences put collectively. These extrapolative texts also hold a section recommending definite Pilgrimages or prayers; reverence and charities at shrines, to counterbalance ones long-ago wrong doings.

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