Every learning experience is different depending on the topic, the environment and the person pursuing this experience but there are main elements that are important to have in order to be successful and fulfilling learning experience:

  • Setting goals and learning road-map: Either you are the one pursuing the learning experience or other people; setting goals and a plan/timeline is very important, so you or the group have this road-map to follow and remind them every time they are deviating from the initial goal.
  • Motivation: There is always something that motivates you to get into this learning experience, It can be combined with your future goals and its part of the process to get you where you want to go. Keeping yourself motivated and have a positive energy around you coming from your own thoughts or the people that you choose to surround yourself with will push you toward achieving your learning goals.
  • Being open to learn new things: Pointing on the cultural differences when you are looking for global learning experience, you will encounter many differences that can be challenging, so accepting and being open to learn new things and adapt yourself is the key to go through this learning experience. Believe that people have different levels of knowledge and it’s complimentary, so don’t worry about it, “you don’t have to know it all but you can learn it all”!
  • Interactivity: Active listening, and participating in the discussions are very important, sharing your ideas and listening to different ideas in the room will create a comfortable space for everyone to speak up and make them feel that they are contributors in the discussions.
  • Providing feedback: Including being open to receive feedback, every idea is not a 100% complete, perfect or unique to be executed right away, ideas are the future solutions and the impact is global so there is always many angles to see the idea, so criticizing in a constructive way will make it complete. Also, having the confidence to give feedback in a way that it’s to build on the idea and create a wider understanding and serving the goal/mission.

When you start a learning experience, keeping these important elements in mind, it helps in developing a thriving learning culture and achieve your goals in a shared and positive environment where everyone is being involved and you are able to voice your ideas.

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