My Desire
Every person needs everything, but significantly to live
I desire a dignified life
Life which is not threaten by any danger(s)
Live in order to educate one-self and others
Live to contemplate better ideas
Ideas for future and progress
Future for one-self and all
I desire to live

Live to toils
Toil in classrooms, offices and on the farm yard
Live to produces wealth (s)
Wealth for development
Development for generations
Generation for change
Change for equality
Equality to enhance and avert disparities
Imbalances which had ruined our societies
Societies which are victims of ruthless hearts
I desire to live

Live to tell the past and think of future
Past which shaped my present and predict my forthcomings
Current success achieved out of struggles and pains
Pains which shows no sign of end
I am dejected by endless pain
I desire to live


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