1. You have to be interested in yourself. If you aren’t, spending 24 hours with just yourself is going to be rough. Suggestion – enroll in an online course. Coursera is offering a lot of free ones, as well as EdX and other educational platforms. You will either become friends with your interesting self or will focus on something else for the time being.
  2. Practice Gratitude and Savoring every day for at least a week. Pick an activity that you really enjoy and while doing it concentrate on it, what your feelings are at the moment, be present, savor it… and then write about it in the journal. 
  3. Get physical. No, no, good kind of physical – start exercising. I picked up running using “Start Running” App and home workouts using Nike Training App. Both apps help you slowly get into the routine of working out without too much stress. 
  4. Journal. First, it is definitely a good way to put your days in perspective and reflect a little. Second, it will be fun to read once the isolation is over. It’s a great time to learn about yourself. Be with yourself, reconnect with yourself. The whole world quieted for the month ahead – use the quietness to hear your inner voice.
  5. Plan. In spite of uncertainty start planning for your next trip or next career move. No need to rush, so allow yourself to get really detailed. When, where, with who, why there? I am sure planning will help concentrate on the movement in this moment of stillness and once the isolation is over (and it will be) you will come out of it prepared for your next step.  

Stay Safe!

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