In this chaotic time of our century, that no one expected, many of us has shifted to telework mode, which seemed to be okay to endure for a limited time, but, as times goes by, the period of time we will be serving remotely is unknown, home was the place to go to after work to relax, eat, and spend the rest of our day out of the work environment, nowadays,  it became the spot we spend 24H of our day in. New challenges have emerged with this new mode of life, one of them is the lack of motivation and engagement. If you have experienced that, then this blogpost is for you, if you have not then you are one of the luckiest people on earth.

Let’s face this, it is very easy to find yourself spending some time scrolling through your social media accounts when you are supposed to be working, or when it gets hard on a task, I believe, we all had times, when we do not have the motivation nor the inspiration to complete a task, and with our new mode of work, it became a daily challenge for some of us, for that, we should know what do we need to keep ourselves productive, for sure, planning, organization and communication are the keys for that, but let’s develop more on that and learn the tips on how to make the best of it until you start commuting again:

Wake up early: for some of us, this might be the toughest part of WFH, with no office to go to nor a boss to track your working hours, so when you are the kind of person who enjoys sleeping in the mornings, this might be a hard task to do, you need to schedule your sleep to get up at a reasonable hour, as if you are going to an office, to allow some time for yourself to get ready mentally and physically, take your breakfast, force yourself into a planning, and if it makes you feel better to dress up as if you are going to an office then do it.

Do NOT work from bed: it is so easy to stay in your comfortable bed and start working, do not do that, it will just triple your laziness and motivate you just to watch something fun, your bed and warm pillow should be the spot for you to relax, leave it own its role.

Plan your laziness a head of time: this might sound weird, but putting time in your calendar and defining “Non-negotiable me time” will really help you to be concentrated in the task you have to do in order to get a comfy and restful me time afterwards. And then when me time comes, just enjoy every single minute of it.

Cut out the unnecessary tasks from your to-dos: in order to fell motivated to do something, you need to prioritize, pick and choose the tasks that need to be done right away, use your judgement for that taking in consideration deadlines and the level of urgency. When you choose a task, put your to do list aside, and write down the task chosen on a paper next to you on your desk, this will constantly remind you if you start to forget or procrastinate.

Go outside and take a walk: this is my preferred tip, although it is so simple to do, but it is the most challenging, because your mind is endlessly telling you, you need to stick to your laptop and get your work done, getting out of your house seems like a waste of time, but it is certainly not, of all the benefit you will get from just 15 Minutes’ walk outside, it will raise your motivation levels and clear up your mind and help you to concentrate better on your work.

In addition to these tips, remember to take care of yourself, to be positive and stay safe.

Thumbnail photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash