Is working out really about working out? I think I knew the answer a long time ago, but this summer I discovered once and for all – it is not. It is about living a healthy and happy life, challenging yourself, being the most productive version of yourself, making new friends and spreading good vibes (yes, it’s a thing).

This June I was lucky enough to hear about the group called November Project DC and #justshowup one Monday at the Capitol Hill at 6.30 am. Nearly died at the first Lincoln Memorial workout (which was my second workout with them), but there was something about this group of fitness-addicts that included my coworkers and DC SCORES friends, so I kept showing up. Very soon I found out that every workout is not like the other – you never know what awaits for you on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning. You might be working out at a memorial, park, fort or Safeway (yes, the one at Waterfront metro station), you might be on ABC morning news, or see the most incredible sunrise in your life  – YOU NEVER KNOW.

Could I run the steps for 20 mins before November Project? – no.

Did I enjoy running in groups? – no.

Was I a morning person? – Hell no.

NP really got me (as well as my housemate, Class 24 fellow Natalia Alonso).

More than that – I missed it so much on vacation that I joined November Project San Francisco for two workout sessions. It turned out to be quite an awesome way to explore the city with a post-workout breakfast, carpool with local participants at 5.30 am from Berkeley, meeting people with all kinds of backgrounds, and a fresh Golden Gate tag on my DC SCORES long sleeve. No gym can ever replace that.

Now the best thing, folks. It’s free, no registration required, and it’s happening every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ALL YEAR LONG all over DC. If you’re looking for a sign to #justshowup and meet us, crazy fitness-addicted people – here is your sign!

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