Meet Morine Nchangwie, one of our newest global changemakers who is inspiring positive change in our world. Morine is a rising humanitarian leader from Cameroon. As part of her Fellowship, Morine will be serving full-time at the American Red Cross as their Movement Transformation Fellow.

Name: Morine Nchangwie

Home Country: Cameroon

Host Organization: American Red Cross

Role at Host Organization: Movement Transformation Fellow

Social Issues: Economic Development; Leadership Programs; Philanthropy

Today, Morine shares with us some of her lessons on leadership and her goals during the Atlas Corps Fellowship.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me means the ability to effectively lead a team by seeing them as equals with kindness. It means respect and the ability to listen, the ability to motivate and to communicate effectively. Above all, leadership is the ability to serve others, embrace change, and entertain new ideas from diverse sources with an open mind to encourage growth and development in the team for a better outcome to make the world a better place for communities.

What are you most excited about joining Atlas Corps as a Fellow?

What excites me most about joining the Atlas Corps Fellowship is the fact that I will learn and gain new approaches and perspectives about ways of doing things and serving communities. The exposure to new cultures, being part of the global community, professional development and professional affiliations with a potential lifetime of new global friends. And, not forgetting about the conferences, seminars, workshops and availing the networking opportunity the American Red Cross and Washington DC offers. Finally, I am excited about the continuous professional support I will get from Atlas as an alumna after the Fellowship.

Tell us about what you will be doing at the American Red Cross and what you hope to gain from the experience?

I work with the Movement Transformation/Collective Impact & Partnerships Engagement (CIPE) team at the International Services Department (ISD) and services to the Arms Forces (SAF). The CIPE team works to ensure strong partnerships between the American Red Cross and other national societies, and provides support to national societies (NS) through work with the IFRC, to be effective local actors that can reach scale and deliver sustainable disaster management services to its communities. I will assist the team to coordinate between the American Red Cross and IFRC to ensure quality representation at the most important events, whether at the global, regional or country levels, roll out change management approaches in the New Way of Working pilot and non-pilot countries and support the development of a business case for an independently verified IFRC certification.

From this experience, I hope to gain new insights and perspectives to strengthen my research and analytic skills, gain new skills in Humanitarian diplomacy, community development, Public speaking and grow professionally by meeting and affiliating with global professionals to gain more experience and career growth through networking and training programs.


Thank you, Morine, for sharing your leadership journey with us. We wish you and the rest of Class 50 the best of luck in the program!

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Photos from Morine’s personal archive.