Meet Shakir Ali Khan, one of our newest global changemakers who is inspiring positive change in our world.

Name: Shakir Ali Khan

Home Country: Pakistan

Host Organization: American Red Cross

Role at Host Organization: Business Planning Analyst Fellow

Social Issues: Civic Engagement; Economic Development; Education

Shakir is a rising leader from Pakistan and begins his Atlas Corps leadership journey as a Class 49 Fellow! He will be serving at the American Red Cross as the Business Planning Analyst Fellow, where he will help senior leaders’ decision-making by providing accurate data to identify trends and effective comparatives, analyze key performance indicators, and create data visualization and other reporting materials.

Today, Shakir shares with us his lessons on leadership and his goals during the Atlas Corps Fellowship.

What does leadership mean to you?

To me, leadership means lending a helping hand to individuals and families without imposing oneself so that they can transform their lives and control their destinies. Leadership nurtures other leaders and facilitates sustainable initiatives to change people’s lives and operates with the belief to leave the world a bit better.

How will the Atlas Corps Fellowship contribute to your growth as a global leader?

I am excited about the learning and development opportunities Atlas Corps Fellowship provides. I am looking forward to working in the North American development sector and getting acquainted with their best practices. I am also excited about attending conferences, seminars, and workshops and availing the networking opportunities Washington DC offers and not to forget the cultural immersion this opportunity brings.

Can you share more about your position at the American Red Cross and what you hope to gain from the experience?

I will be working as a Business Planning Analyst Fellow and supporting planning, analysis, data visualization, and reporting functions with the quality data and learning team of the American Red Cross’ International Services Department (ISD) and the Service to the Armed Forces/International Services (SAF/IS) Department. I will be assisting senior leaders’ decision-making by providing accurate data, identifying trends and effective comparatives, analyzing key performance indicators, and creating data visualization and other reporting materials.

From this experience, I hope to strengthen my business analysis, planning, and performance management skills and will gain expertise in new systems and applications which will ultimately help the business planning team to provide superior reporting, analytics, and planning support.

Thank you, Shakir, for sharing your leadership journey with us. We wish you and the rest of Class 49 the best of luck in the program!

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Photos from Shakir’s personal archive