Here’s my tip to have more stipend.
I have found this great way to save more money for living.

I sometimes tend to look at the ground while I am walking.
Even waiting for the metro, I look down the platform not with a particular purpose.
It is just my habit.

However, since I came to DC, I found out that there are many coins on the ground.
I started to collect them almost everyday of my life.
Even 1 cent.
There is a saying that ‘Many a mickle makes a muckle’.
It exactly applies to me.

When I had to buy two bananas which cost about 50 cents, it was able to pay it from my pocket!
Also, once you start to collect the coins everyday, then it becomes bigger!

Whenever I need to buy something cheap, it is very helpful!

Unexpectedly, there are so many coins on the street. Please take a look carefully!

-Jenny’s tip for saving stipend!

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