Khartoum is the capital of Sudan, with population of 2.5 million, it is consider the most crowded city in the country. There are more than fifty tribes in Sudan, Khartoum become the place where all these different cultures meet and struggle to adopt its components with the notion of the “city”.

Geographically the city is between the two Niles(White and Blue), it is  looks like a semi island between the long two rivers, which  divided the city to three big town North Khartoum, Bahri ,Omdurman, even though these big water resources  the city look like a apiece in the desert.  

In General, Khartoum becomes the main point for the African and Arab cultures to stimulate. Most of its population is Muslims, there are few Coptic groups, mainly in Omdurman.  The city expanded about 300% in the last 20 years because of the population growth. The IDPs camps and the slums are forming the big part of these expansions. In the  mid of 1970s thousands of refugees fled to Khartoum from Eretria, Ethiopia and Chad, another hundred thousand  of Sudanese who moved from their place due to South Sudan and Darfur Conflicts, most of the time Khartoum is the final distention  for the IDPs and refugees who fled from their places due to the civil wars, conflicts and natural disasters. These groups spread in the city and influence  on the demographic system, if you walk in Khartoum streets you can realize the differences mien, people belonging to different ethnics groups and different cultures sharing the same land.

You can see different types of buildings and houses , you can find inner city slums near one of the high class areas where the building are so beautiful and modern,, theses slums usually  made from mud or just hut of wood or Straw and Sacks. It is normal to see horses carts and very luxury cars in the same street. 44412


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