So, the Christmas is coming. This will be my first time ever Christmas celebration in US (actually in abroad). I am very excited about that. I can remember, the movie `Home Alone’- how a little boy passed his Christmas time alone in a house. But I don’t know why, the other scenes of the movie like the snow, Christmas tree, lightings – took my all attraction. Also I can remember the movie named The Santa Clause, It’s a Wonderful Life based on this occasion. Now I am in the city, where I can enjoy the lights, gifts, Christmas tree. At the same time, I am thinking about the children of this country. Every day, I am seeing them with their parents or dear ones in the shopping mall buying their favorite items. They are so blessed! They can at least buy something for themselves. I am wondering about the children of my country. Being a Muslim country, Bangladesh celebrates Eid (a religious festival). People wait eagerly for the whole year round to buy new things in this occasion. Shopping malls offer exclusive items in this time. The roads and shopping malls are decorated so nicely that it’s quite impossible to restrain oneself to visit and buy something, even when it’s not necessary item. I see people here are also buying things lavishly, their carts get overflowed by clothes and other stuffs, which sometimes remind me about the children, who are abundant, homeless, parent less. In my country, street or homeless children cannot get enter in to the shopping malls. They keep standing outside, wish to get something from the people, getting outside from the mall with many shopping bags.

NGOs distribute warm clothes during winter and in any emergency response time, but I rarely find them to distribute new clothes or foods to celebrate festivals. Now-a-days, in Bangladesh, some of the corporate organizations has started distributing new clothes for the street children. But there are hidden business of it. In the supplied clothes, they put their corporate logos in such a way, that, sometimes it creates question- is it corporate social responsibility or selling their image!

While all this thoughts burning my head, a picture came in front of my eyes. My lovely daughter Irama- my Christmas gift! She is here to visit her selfish mom. What else I need in this Christmas!

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