The contribution of the young population can be negative and destructive if young people feel ignored, neglected and self-taught. However, it could become positive and constructive if consideration and attention are given to them. In additin,one of the most important points that political powers and civil society must develop, as a priority is investment in people and especially in young people.

  Investing in young people means preparing them to become good citizens actively engaged in society to improve the common fate of their co-citizens.It is about developing in these young people certain essential values ​​of citizenship.Among these we can mention:

  1. Civism:
  • A respectful feeling and behavior towards the entire component of society.
  • The willingness to save all the goods in the public space (Transport, Building.. )
  • The acceptance and tolerance of others in the name of respect for human dignity.
  1. Citizenship:
  • A willingness to comply with laws and enforce them
  • A commitment to fulfill its obligations towards the society in all its acts, the citizen is held to respect two rules. To better protect his freedom, we must respect the freedom of others.
  • Acting for the general interest must prevail over the particular interests.
  1. Solidarity (Sense of belonging):
  • In addition to these two values, solidarity is an essential place between citizens.
  • Society is a group of men and women who are linked together by a common project.
  • Solidarity is a notion of sharing and fraternity. It consists of helping the most disadvantage directly or through public policies (Tax, assistance in case of natural disasters)

It seemed very useful to recall these values that are often ignored by selfishness.

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