Intrapreneurship they argue is a way of “democratizing innovation activities” The term ‘intrapreneur’ was first defined in the 1960s by Pinchot—Dreamers who do. Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organization. Just read the INTRAPRENEURSHIP white paper/report by Babele ( and it was a beautiful piece.

The world, business and especially the people are changing and growing at incredible speeds:
You need to change, grow and learn with them!

Entrepreneurship for so long has been the buzz word when it comes to creating startups; what if we all quit our jobs to become full-time entrepreneurs? The truth is we all cannot be entrepreneur but we can work with and within existing systems, teams and structures to innovate and disrupt.

I personally believe we need to start talking about Intrapreneurship like the way we buzz about entrepreneurship. What does it mean to have an intrapreneurial mindset? What can we learn from successful intrapreneurs, how can we can all apply entrepreneurial qualities to companies as intrapreneurs  innovating within systems to support, collaborate and create startups within institutions, organization & corporate these are question worth answering.

Check out the Intrapreneurship paper by Babele.