There is so much we can do with little to make the world a better place; start with your little – Abolaji Omitogun

Nearly 1 billion of the 1.2 billion people in the world between the ages of 15 and 24 reside in developing countries, and their numbers are growing far more rapidly than in higher-income countries (UNDESA 2017). About 9 percent of these population live on less than $1.90 a day.

This “structural” nature of youth poverty is driven in part by the relatively sparse opportunities available to harness their productivity, connectivity, and sense of agency. Notably, some 500 million youth live in rural, relatively undeveloped areas where employment opportunities are scarce. We can however change this by empowering the youth with the right skill and tools for them to thrive and earn. With the right mix of technology and skill, we are able to get closer to our goal of closing the economic gap our local communities and the world at large. On of such ways of this is by building digital competence in youth; providing access to digital knowledge/skills, creating conducive learning environment that spurs innovation and most importantly providing access to earn and improve economic wellbeing. estimates Africa’s 80 million youth living in extreme poverty represent more than three-quarters of the global total. The good news however is that this number will drop to 73 million by 2030 as a result of improving economic conditions. A handful of African countries are expected to massively reduce the number of poor youth by 2030. Chief among them will be Ethiopia, Mozambique, Kenya, and Uganda. But some others—Nigeria, Burundi, Sudan, and Zambia—will each have at least half a million poor youth.

It is therefore of major importance that Sub-Saharan countries and the international development community must effectively investment in programs/initiative that ensure the even distribution of economic opportunities and prioritize youth (rural). Hub67 in Ibadan, Nigeria is one of such organizations building digital competencies in rural youth and ensuring the even distribution of economic opportunities. Through its Digital Academy, Hub67 trains, develop and invest in youth/groups in the undeserved community of Ibadan, Nigeria.

As part of its commitment to empowering African Youth & communities in fighting poverty and economic hardship  through Knowledge, skill sharing and capacity building, It offers scholarship opportunities to youth interested in learning tech or digital skills. In its recently launched Digital Marketing Career Guide, the hub shares important practical steps to building a Digital Marketing career, attaining mastery in Digital Marketing and the market prospects in Digital Marketing. Checkout the free “Complete Guide to kick starting a profitable career in Digital Marketing” here

The guide was put together by @TojolaBolaji