It’s sgs 2015 always nice to hear people talking about how much they want to change the world. The 2015 Social Good Summit was the stage for many of them. Actors, writers, entrepreneurs, activists and NGO leaders claiming that the world needs to be changed and that we can’t wait for the 2030 to end poverty and hunger. An unacceptable number of children are still dying for predictable reasons, millions of girls are waiting to be treated with the dignity they deserve, most part of the world does not have access to clean water and heath care, and too many wars are still going on.

I was in New York, in a beautiful auditorium hosting hundreds of people for the Summit. I was listening, happy, feeling lucky to be there, but wondering if this would be the last time we have a list of Global Goals. If the higher number of SDGs, their clearer indicators, a stronger involvement of civil society and the proved effectiveness of social entrepreneurship will be enough.

I was listening and thinking: what a huge change would be if the powerful individuals in this beautiful room, speakers and listeners, really believe in what they are saying or hearing. They would probably feel angry because 15 years after the MDGs, the 17 new Global Goals tell almost the same story. But they would try to do something to finally change it.

We need actions. We need our indignation to make the story stronger for those who have to listen more closely. We need to manage our economic power and use each penny for what can make the difference we want.

I know, I don’t want another set of Global Goals after the next fifteen years. #2030NOW.

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