Although reluctantly, I always have been living in my mind, spending hours if not days dwelling on ideas, reflecting on the delusions of life or just keeping on re-editing my own opinions for them not to get too comfortable. I do admit: I made myself very often exist (and count) only in my mind. For this candid, dreamy and most importantly ‘unrealistic’ love affair of mine(‘d); good books, fresh breezes, low lighting along with gallons of lavish tea would be just enough to keep me fulfilled. Except that a part of me -I know, it seems hard to believe- strains to keep a modest (means deliberately running away from the limelight if any) footprint in the world of social impact. Which is why I am constantly inviting myself to revisit the way I can achieve this.

So, why is it important for me to define success on my own terms.

I don’t really mind walking paved paths. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it, apart from being, you know, less exciting. But there is certainly more to it than brisk adrenaline releases. When your criteria of success are slightly (or completely) different from society’s, you may find yourself unchained, in a place where serendipity and imagination collide. You may end up starting a business while growing up inclined to a risk-free career, or just the opposite of business: designing the post-capitalist future…! No matter what, where and when, you may find yourself just where you are meant to be and not what society has been whispering (aka¬†encoding you) to you.

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