africa-political-map-750Decade after decade, international organizations and politicians have failed to reduce poverty. Nor have they been able to help Africa generate growth or build basic structure that can help the people get out of poverty.
Africa has remind the continent that is described by its poverty, lack of democratic leadership and war for as long as it existed, and this will remind this way if Africans themselves don’t wake up to stop other continents from making it a garden where everyone harvest except the African themselves.
The continent is well known for its vast natural resources, and fertile agricultural land that supports the growth of almost every crop. If only these resources are used well to the development of the people who live in the continent and not outside it.
The poverty in the continent is not to blame on the international communities but to its leaders of each countries that failed to unit and develop the continent.
The greed for power, wealth and capitalism has led the continent to it ever lasting poverty generation after generation.
However as we look forward to make Africa a wealthy continent that it is, let the leaders stop waiting for international organization and wake up to start serving the interest of their own people and country.


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