Literally, every country has a stunning nature that is worth seeing. The United States is no exception! With a great number of National Forests and crazy landscapes from deserts to snowy mountains, it would be a shame not to go on a camping trip at least once. 

I have camped and hiked before but I have never really known about Trails Off-Road until my local friend took me on one of such trips. 

Basically, this is when you literally go off-road to the places where there is no service and your GPS is no use anymore, also roads are not on Google maps either. You have to have a map, a compass, a planned route, camping gear and a lot of excitement. Oh, and most importantly – an appropriate vehicle and enough gas. 

Why going for all this effort? Only when going off-road you are able to reach the most fascinating natural spots. Places that people have not occupied, places with wild nature and nothing reminding about people until the horizon. Also, we all need a kick to get off of social media! 🙂

There are plenty of resources to find your first route, they come in different levels and for different types of vehicles:

We went to Tahoe Forest on a trail exploring little lakes around the town of Truckee. Stayed at the campsite where we forgot to lock our food from bears and thankfully still had breakfast 😀 Found a hidden waterfall, the most amazing moss on weirdly shaped trees and got lost too many times. It was so worth it! 

Go find a friend who can drive a Jeep and explore your state!