The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world’s norms in a significant way, affecting the behaviors’ of people subconsciously. The remote interactions and distanced workspace is becoming a new normal which may not be exciting and energetic comparing to in-person work and activities. Amid the post-COVID isolation, the following effective strategies will lead you to inner satisfaction and gratitude.

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Find meaning in your life

Many individuals find their satisfactions in accomplishing their career goals while others may find peace when they are achieving their personal and social goals i.e., developing family or socializing with their best friends. Staying motivated is difficult especially when the circumstances are not favorable.  

Finding a meaningful purpose in your life resolves half of your problem and half is resolved when those objectives are pursued. The objectives can be converted to daily and weekly action plans.


Compete yourself (not others)!

The influence of social media and peer pressure put many of us in competition, creating a self-obsessed situation causing stress. living other’s dreams and ambitions will increase your anxiety and stress level, it is imperative to be mindful that the your real fight is with yourself not others.

Reflect on your achievements

People attend lots of trainings, seminars, activities, and they gain years of professional experience, but they are not focused to reflect on their experiences and learning. Reflection is the key to measure self-development and identify the gray areas. Remember, the journey from coal to diamond is hard, requiring determination, perseverance and patience BUT at end it results in marvelous outcomes.

Challenge the status-quo

Individuals with proactivity and flexibility handle the unpredictable circumstance very well and they speculate the risks feasibility, ultimately leading them to capitalize on potential growth opportunities and be successful in their careers and lives. Embracing change is the quality of proactive and successful people.

Be Altruistic (Give more)

Contributing more to underprivileged ones through philanthropic activities or volunteering for social causes lead to gratification. In my experience, we feel empty when we are self-centered (Selfish) but we have more positive energy when are thinking of others and society. It’s a valuable ancient strategy to vitalize your inner self.

Be grateful for what you have and you will be filled with energy to do/achieve more!

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